Sunday, 2 February 2014


blind driving experiences
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Hi Mark,

Thank you so much for your patience and consideration shown to our brother Philip yesterday. 
He has wanted to drive a car for most of his 55 years but due to his disability has never been able to safely do so. You gave him this incredible opportunity which boosted his self esteem, made him feel important and fulfilled his dream.
Since then he has been super confident and wanting to be more independent (forgetting that he has sight issues and striding off to complete tasks unaided!). He then said ‘it was amazing’ and ‘can I come back again’ before wondering if he would get a medal for his experience! When Philip achieves something he expects a medal so that shows how big a deal this was for him that
he rates it up there in the medal awards! Once again you worked your magic and from both my sister and I a big thank you for making Philip’s dream come true.

I’ve included some of the photos we took and there are a few more from my
sister’s phone which I have sent via my phone! See you on 13 February with


Adrienne and Madeleine

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